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Steps to going solar

Your only regret about going solar will be not doing it sooner

We’ll get you up and running so that you can start saving usually within 2 weeks from your consultation.

     And within 5–7 years, depending on the size of your system, the system will have paid for itself. You’re your own power company. And with our 25-Year Guarantee, you’ll have nothing to worry about except what to do with all the money you’re not handing over to the power company. 


1. Consulting

2. Surveying

3. Permitting

4. Installing

5. Testing

6. Switching

7. Saving 

…and staying in touch

Just because your installation is done, don’t expect us to be done. We’ll be checking in and continuing to make sure you and your system are saving as much as possible. We mean it when we say your part of our a “family” when you save with us. We’re there every step of the way and after you’re set up

and saving. 

Bonus for you when you share the savings

AMG offers a bonus to our clients for referring their neighbors, friends, and family to our family. Once they’re set to save with AMG Solar

you’re set with a special gift as our way of saying “thank you.”

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