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So, you might be asking:

Are solar panels right for me?

If you own your home, sunlight reaches your roof, and you’re tired of over-paying on your electric bill: yes.

Are solar panels worth it?

Yes and yes. Financially, our solar panels start paying for themselves immediately and you will be cash positive within 5–7 years. Environmentally, they spare the air from tons of CO₂ and help protect the environment.

Why not go with a bigger corporate solar company?

That’s fine if you want to be treated like a number instead of a person. Large companies push unnecessary sales and rush installments just to meet a bottom line for their profit-driven shareholders. I know, because I used to work for one, so I quit and founded AMG. AMG was established to treat solar customers with dignity and give them what’s best for them and the future. As for the prices, we offer same to better savings. 

How much can I expect to save?

On average families have saved $1,500 each year with their solar panel systems, while they help save the planet. Solar panels are green tech that saves your green.

What protection plans are offered?

AMG offers a 25 Year Guaranteed Warranty to shield your investment. Labor, workmanship, product, materials, and all aspects of the system are covered. It is an all-inclusive warranty unmatched by any other company.

Will I be protected from power blackouts?

Our battery backup systems give you the power to become fully energy efficient and to use your power on your own terms. You can use your stored power during blackouts or to avoid using the power grid at peak hours. We have a variety of backup solutions to match any of your energy needs.

How much worse will electric bills become?

The average kilowatt-hour rate goes up every year and has been going up at a drastic rate in these recent years. Most power companies are monopolies and they can keep raising their prices as high as they like.
       We don’t how high these prices will go, but if these rate hikes continue to go unchecked, you can be sure that they’ll be much worse.

Is the weather here 
right for solar panels?

With 268 out of 365 sunny days a year on average in California, your panels will be the most efficient when you need them the most. When these longer hotter summers roll in, you’ll be sitting cool when your solar system is turning all that sunlight into savings.

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