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We're more than solar panels

Who we are

AMG Solar Solutions is a family-oriented, local team dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your solar investment. With over 200,000 installs statewide and over 30+ years of experience in the solar industry, we guarantee your complete satisfaction. 

Who you are

If you’re a homeowner who’s had enough of these steep electric price hikes and wouldn’t mind a better future, you’ve come to the right place.

What you are to us

When we say, AMG is family orientated we mean our clients are family too. You will have personalized service before, during, and after your solar installation. The large corporate installers see you as a sales quota, we see you as a member of our growing solar family, and will provide ongoing service to guarantee that you’re saving the most possible.

Get a quote

Click below for a free, personalized, no-obligation quote from our solar experts on a solar power system that will best help you save:

When the savings really
start paying

Depending on your system size, it will pay for itself within 5–7 years on average. After that point, you’re not only saving, but you’re now making money. And if that wasn’t rewarding enough, you will be helping to reduce the strain on the power grid that causes power companies to fall back on coal and fossil fuel power plants which pollute the air and add to CO₂ emissions.

       This is more than solar panels and your high electric bills, this is an investment in our future that’s guaranteed to pay off financially and environmentally for years and generations to come. There’s no better time to start saving for tomorrow than now.

Even more benefits 
of going solar

+ Save money, (and lots of it) 
+ Save the environment 
+ Save the future 
+ Increase your home value 
+ Protection from blackouts 
+ Control when you rely on the power grid 
+ Stand up to power companies’ monopolies

Our products & offerings

We have a variety of options with great benefits to choose from. We offer several leasing options. We make it easy for you to switch to solar, and we’ll be with you every step of the way, before, during, and even after your installation.

Power when you need it

Our battery backup systems give you the power to become fully energy efficient and to use your power on your own terms. You can use your stored power during blackouts or to avoid using the power grid at peak hours. We have a variety of backup solutions to match any of your energy needs.

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